Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Found Female White Terrier Westie Dog- Quincy/Wadsworth..Rude Owner & Bad Breeders 303-573-7912/720-323-6034

Lost Dog Get's Back To Her Home..Don't Think She Was Too Thrilled

**So I found this lovely dog this morning posted ads everywhere and was going to even put signs out for her. No collar, no chip no anything so wasn't ready to take to the shelter just yet.

**The owner Archie Garcia called and said it was his, great come pick it up. The next thing I know she didn't want to go with him, he was rude about having any information for the dog in case it got out next time and any advice I had (I operate a Stray dog rescue site and recover 3-5 dogs a year so I know a little) he proceeded to tell me off, tell me to buzz off and he didn't care!!

**Responsible dog owner...I don't think so! If you are a dog breeder Archie, which I assume you probably are, I would not have others buy dogs from you after risking the life of your dog and most importantly the puppies left behind for 24 hours while you were being so careless!!
Glad I could help save your dog thanks for being ungrateful


-Small Female White Westie Found July 5th Morning near 8400 Block of West Union, near Quincy and Wadsworth area this morning
-Has a Buzz collar on
-Very Friendly