Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wild Pet Statistics!

Although most people are aware that there are more dogs and cats being born than there are people willing to adopt them -- the actual number of unwanted dogs and cats is staggering. For example, did you know:
A..An estimated 52 million dogs and 57 million cats live with U.S. families.
b.. For every human born, 7 puppies and kittens are born
.c.. One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in 7 years.
d.. One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in 6 years.
e.. More than 12 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year. Millions more are abandoned in rural and urban areas
.f.. As many as 25% of dogs entering shelters each year are purebreds
.g.. Approximately 61% of all dogs entering shelters are killed.
h.. Approximately 75% of all cats entering shelters are killed.
i.. It costs approximately $100 to capture, house, feed, and eventually kill each stray animal -- a cost which you, the taxpayer, eventually pay.