Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Pet's In Need! Colorado Pet's and Shelters To Help

Yes This is a Joyous Time Of Year For Many, But For Unfortunate Pets, Not So Much

Many of you know that I am a huge advocate for helping Pets in need. Whether helping local organizations, getting involved in national campaigns or as the case for this past year, the proud parent of a local stray. This is not my soapbox by any means, simply a small voice amongst many that care about unfortunate pets out there in need. Every year shelters euthanize millions of homeless pets. In the USA alone, more than five million cats, and two million dogs are euthanized every year as unwanted pets.

Whether you decide to do something depends on you, most of my friends and many fishing pals all have dogs so they know what it means to have and care about a pet. Everything counts and even a small token during the Holidays goes a long way. If you are thinking about adopting, now is the time of year and if possible, bypass a breeder for loving pet from one of your local shelters.

Here is some information for those interested:
For their 11th year in a row, Iams is again partnering with animal shelters during their annual Iams Home 4 the Holidays. Their goal is to help 1.5 MILLION orphaned pets find their forever homes from Oct. 1, 2009 to Jan. 4, 2010.

In fact, Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) is the world's largest nonprofit foundation 501(c)(3) dedicated to funding research studies to protect, treat and cure animals. By funding more than 100 canine cancer studies, we've tacked the no. 1 killer of dogs and helped veterinarians better detect and treat the disease. Our Canine Cancer Campaign is a global effort to prevent, treat and cure cancer. I'm friend's with the CEO of MAF so I care deeply about this organization.

At the sanctuary from The Best Friends Animal Sanctuary at Angel Canyon, at the heart of the Golden Circle of national parks in southern Utah, is home on any given day to about 2,000 dogs, cats, and other animals, who come from shelters and rescue groups around the country for special care they can only receive at Best Friends. Many people know about Best Friends from their rescue of the Michael Vick dogs and from their show on TV.

ASPCA Organization
Puppy Mill Rescue
The Humane Society

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Denver Christmas & Holiday Dog Walking!

Here To Help With Your Christmas Holiday Needs!

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Colorado Pets and News!

Dear Members and Friends, Competitions are heating up! Nine of the sanctuary’s “Purrty Dozen” have found homes —congratulations, Lois, you’re number nine! The race is on to see who will be the next to go. Plus, the Best Friends animals are holding their breath to see if they can win the America’s Favorite Animal Shelter contest. And much more friendly rivalry, all on this week’s website.

Lois goes home!
Can it be? The cat who used to swat everybody who passed by? It’s true. The ninth cat in the “Purrty Dozen” — the ones Best Friends sanctuary caregivers felt most needed homes — has finally met her match and her forever home.

>> Check it out!
Network Charities
It’s simple. Rescue groups all across the country set up mini-websites for free on the Best Friends Network. Find one you like and make a donation. And for a limited time, Best Friends matches that donation! Why? Because we want to support the work of people who rescue animals.

>> Come participate!
Hurrying home
Two little puppy mill survivors find wonderful homes after catching a ride with Best Friends’ Pup My Ride — a lifesaver for animals in a hurry to start their new lives.

>> Read their happy-ever-afters.
Vote for Best Friends!
And the animals could get $10,000. Thanks to Care2 and, all it takes is one click. And no matter who you vote for, you’re doing a good deed!

>> Learn more.
And as always, there's lots more on the website this week, including:
Here’s what you need to know about H1N1 (Swine) Flu and your pets.
Find out how a Best Friends’ Vicktory dog inspired a novel!
Check out the T-shirts that help take a bite out of puppy mills.
Of course, competitions like the one among the Purrty Dozen cats are all in good fun. The message of the new Network Charities program is that no animal (and no one who helps animals) is ever truly in competition — we’re all absolutely on the same side as we race together toward a time where every animal has a loving home and there are No More Homeless Pets.