Friday, July 15, 2011

ASPCA Adopt a Thon in Joplin a Huge Success

Adopt-a-Thon Helps Heal Joplin
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As you may know, the recent Adopt-a-Thon at the Joplin Humane Society was an enormous success. Thousands of people from 24 states visited our emergency shelter, and a whopping 739 animals were adopted!

The adopters included Miranda Scott and her family, who adopted a once-feral kitten, and Peggy Howe, who, along with her daughter, drove four hours from Topeka, Kansas, to rescue a puppy—though she was weak from undergoing cancer treatment.

This wonderful event never could have happened without your support. That’s why in this issue of News Alert, we’d like to thank you for what you’ve helped us accomplish—and share photos and stories from the adopt-a-thon that will have you breaking out the tissues.

It’s Fourth of July weekend; what better way to kick it off than with some heartwarming stories and photos of Americans pulling together for the animals—and people—of the Heartland?