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L.A. Pet Super Adoption, a Rookie’s Perspective-Best Friends Org

L.A. Pet Super Adoption, a Rookie’s Perspective
May 25, 2011, Story Link
By David Dickson, Best Friends staff writer

'Super' is an understatement when it comes to 284 (and counting) animals finding new homes during two-day event

Having worked as a writer at Best Friends for several years now, I’ve heard an awful lot about the L.A. Pet Super Adoption events. Yet, I’ve never actually attended. Well, this past May 21 and 22, I finally made it down, and let me tell you something: Hearing about it from afar is nothing whatsoever like being there in person.

Before heading to L.A., I had a pretty solid handle on one particular detail: This event is big. Perhaps a little perspective on the area will help. Los Angeles County is the most populated county in the United States, has been for decades. In fact, on its own, Los Angeles County has more people than 42 of the 50 states.

When you have those kind of numbers to pull from, it’s a no-brainer why there are so many castaway animals in need of homes! Sure enough, close to 1,300 animals showed up from 18 shelters and approximately 50 rescue groups, each ready to find his or her own happy ever after. I had all this in my head conceptually before heading down. So yes, I was prepared for big. Instead, I should have been prepared for massive! There’s something entirely different about seeing it with your own eyes.