Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Stapleton and Lowry Summertime Holiday Pet Care

Pet Care During The Summertime!

Our pets need the best care we can give. Their lives depend on us. Here are some pet care tips you can use with your animal friends.Since dogs are the most common house pet, let us start with them. When it comes to dog pet care you should consider comfort and amusement. Dogs love to play and they love to run. So before you even decide to buy a dog you should take into consideration the place where you and your dog can play. They are a very social animal that’s why if possible you should provide a place for them to have fun with you and your family. Dogs also like comfort, so as the owner you should provide a comfortable space for them to sleep and relax. When it comes to feeding your dog you have two options. One, is you can buy dog foods available in the market. Most dog foods already include all the daily vitamins that the dog will need. Second option is to feed him real food from your home. Dogs as we all know love to chew on chicken bones, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you give them. You can also add chicken meat, vegetables and boiled rice. You should also ask your veterinarian regarding the vitamins or supplements that your dog needs. Just like humans they also have daily requirements of calcium, and other vitamins. Lastly, for dogs and all other animals vaccination is needed. This is to prevent them to be able to protect them from disease. Better to do this while they are still young. Just like humans they can also get sick. Some of the most common sickness among dogs are the following: Vomiting and diarrhea, blood in urine and itching and scratching due to skin infection. These can all be prevented if they are properly given vaccines.Another common house pet are fishes.

Pet care for fishes is very meticulous. Before you even bring home your fish you should be able to prepare the aquarium that the fish will be living in. The water inside the aquarium should be treated. You should put water inside the tank and allow it to settle for a few days then add rocks and you can now run the filter and the air pump. Now that the aquarium is ready you can now put your fish there. Feeding them is another part of pet care. Fish food that can be purchased commercially should be approved by the vet. And you should also carefully read the back label first before you feed it to your fish. Fish shouldn’t be fed just about anything that you think you like. They have a special need that’s why it’s best to consult the vet first.All in all pet care is a big responsibility because another life is in our hands. But you are not alone. You have your veterinarians that can help you and can give the best answers to your questions.

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