Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bringing New Life To Dog Shelter

Bringing New Life To Dog Shelter
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PUEBLO - The Animal Welfare and Protection Society is looking to make its mark by building a one of a kind facility in the Steel City. The shelter's plan is to build the only non-profit, no kill, Platinum LEED Certified Shelter in North America. The minute you take a look inside the current facility, it's no secret; the thirty-year-old facility is ready for a face-lift. "Definitely time for an upgrade," said Beverly Kachel, President of the Pueblo Animal Welfare Society or ‘PAWS'.

The non-profit shelter houses on average about 50 dogs, but because they are a no kill shelter, space is extremely important. The new building will be able to house at least 150 dogs and cats.
"We've been here for about thirty years and I think were one of Pueblo's best kept secrets and we sure do want to change that," said Kachel.
Their plan is to go big...really big.

‘PAWS' is going to turn their current run-down shelter into a state of the art, platinum LEED certified building. That means it will be built completely green. "We will provide heating and cooling through a geo-thermal field," said Clyde Young, the Building Committee Chairman for ‘PAWS'. "We will provide energy through solar panels...we want to preserve the environment, it's good for the dogs, good for the cats, good for the people and good for the planet," he added.

The plan is to build the facility in several phases. The first one will include the shelter itself, after that they have a plan to build a do park, agility course, doggy day-care, and an emergency vet clinic. All in all, it would help create at least 50 new jobs in Pueblo. "It's something that Pueblo can be proud of," said Young. But in order to make it all happen, they still need help from the community. "From the community, we'd like to have your support, your monetary support, your physical support, we can always use volunteers," said Kachel. The total cost of the facility is estimated at around $7.7 million. So far, the Pueblo Animal Welfare and Protection Society has saved about $1.7 million. That means they are still about $6 million short of their goal.

Board members for ‘PAWS' say that they have been applying for several government grants and are looking for business sponsorships as well to help raise money. If you would like to donate your time, money, or supplies to the shelter you can find information on their website on how to do so

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