Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Top 10 Drugs That Poison Our Pets!

1. Top 10 Drugs That Poison Our Pets Did you know that ingestion of human medications is the most common cause of household poisonings in small animals? ASPCA experts offer a list of the top ten human drugs that can harm pets—and ways to keep them out of paw’s reach. Read More...

2. Extraordinary Dogs: In The Line Of Duty When a soldier injured after ten years of service was told she would never walk again, a 12-week-old shepherd mix gave her a life-changing gift.

3. ASPCA Arrests Queens Man for Animal Cruelty The owner of a mixed-breed canine faces jail time for allegedly starving his dog.

4. Dogs With Jobs: Working K-9 to 5Meet a cast of canines, from blood donors to bodyguards, who love their jobs so much that they never call in sick!

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