Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dreampower Animal Rescue!!

Your Help is Needed for Some Not So Lucky Pets!
It's a sad fact of life that when economic times turn tough, demand for animal placement/adoption services increase. However, contributions tend to decrease in number and size just when we need help the most!

We've experienced a significant increase in the number of calls from people looking to surrender their companion animals due to foreclosures on their homes, or loss of jobs. We know the community needs Dreampower now more than ever, but we can only save as many animals as resources allow.

Please help us help these animals and assist these people in need! Your monetary gifts are always welcome to help with operational costs including veterinary care for foster animals, and to support our Community Assistance Project (CAP) that strives to keep animals in their homes by helping senior and disabled citizens with emergency veterinary care.

Homes are always needed to provide temporary foster care for animals in crisis. If you have a spare bedroom, laundry room, heated garage, or some other safe area in which to place an animal for a few days or a few months, please consider fostering. Dreampower provides all veterinary care, supplies, food and litter. You provide the home and much-needed tender loving care.

You are the key to helping us write happy endings for the animals of the Southern Colorado!
Checkout their website at Dreampower also to help or to find out more information about this wonderful organization
Contact Dreampower staff today at (719) 390-7838, or

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