Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Pets!

Halloween is here, do you have your Pet outfit yet! With Fall here so is Colorado's strange weather, 70' one day and snow the next. With Christmas right around the corner, have you made your Holiday plans yet and is your pet taken care of. Denverdaawg is already taking appointments for Christmas so don't wait too long to make us today! If you are planning on any weekend getaways,vacations, or have been working later than normal and need someone to look after your loved ones, look no further!

Checkout Links to Colorado's Top Fall Foliage Sights Want be Happier in life? Want to live longer? Want to be stressfree, well you can with the help of you Pet click here to find out how in a recent study That is our topic of discussion this month. Denverdaawg is excited to help while many of our clients are away at work, vacation or simply need a night out away from their kids! Feel free to read more about Denverdaawg, Behavior Issues, Dog Parks, Top Pet Sites to help and most popular. Big News! Colorado Humane Society Accused Of Mismanagement Click here for more information on the latest news.
Sorry for the delay in getting my monthly newsletter out recently. After Zeke's passing and my recent shoulder surgery, it's been a bit challenging so please forgive us and hopefully we can get back on track to our normal schedule...Thanks!
Here is a Link to a recent fishing trip we had to North Park, great Fall colors, weather and incrdible fishing! Click HERE for More on our Trip

Zeke was one in a Million!
Zeke's still in our thoughts and prayers and is still missed daily. Feel free to checkout his Happy Page from many of our favorite outings!
Zeke's Tribute Page

Denverddawg Information and More!
Looking for Denver Dog Parks click on me, or off leash areas look no further Statistics show that 1 in 3 families own a Pet, well here in Colorado I have to think that number jumps to every other family! Denver has been voted many years running the Top city in the U.S. to own a Pet and I believe it. The question is how to better improve your Pet's behavior, health or well being...that's where I come in.

Denverdaawg Here To Make Your Life Easier!
Why do I need a Pet Sitter or Dog Walker? If you are like most working Americans you are low on time and high on tasks. You might put in long hours at the office. This shortens the amount of time you spend engaging in dog walking with your best canine friend every day. Different dog breeds have different daily exercise requirements, so your pooch might need extensive dog walking or run in the middle of the day to keep from Behavior issues. How can you take your dog walking and be at work at the same time? You can hire a dog walker to be your dog walking replacement while you are at work. Often times a dog walker is more then just a necessity because many dogs that have limited dog walking time become irritable. Dogs need to have daily exercise and human connection through dog walking. This lack of exercise has let excess energy build up and can make your loving pet a little less loving.

With the Economy not doing so well it's affecting us all and yes Pets are Greatly affected also..How You Ask? There is something called the Forecloser syndrome that has a ripple effect. You loose your job, your home, often times a Pet is lost in the shuffle! With so many pets now being given up due to this huge downswing in the economy we all should be proactive in one form of another to help assist this pets in need! Animal shelters are at an all time high with many at overcapacity so pass along to others when deciding about your next pet, ditch the breeders and follow your heart to a shelter :)

Colorado Dog Rescue Sites Thank you for the taking the time to hear more about Denverdaawg Professional Pet Sitting and the services we provide! Let us know if we can help keep your Pet Happy while you're away. Feel free to send this to your friends that live in the Denver Metro area as well, we are always happy to meet new faces! Areas We Cover: Capitol Hill, Park Hill, Congress Park, Uptown, Downtown, Stapleton, Lowry, Cherry Creek and Washington Park. We are an Insured/Bonded Experienced caretaker for your Pets! We have over 10,000 satisfied client visits so we must be doing something right so far!
Happy Halloween..Don't forget to set those Clocks!!

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