Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maxfund Lucky Strut Pet Fundraiser!

About Lucky Mutt Strut & MaxFund

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Who are YOU walking for?
MaxFund’s Lucky Mutt Strut June 26th, 2011

What is the Lucky Mutt Strut?
MaxFund’s Lucky Mutt Strut is our way to “Make Trax for Max!”
You’ve heard of the Furry Scurry, right? It’s the largest dog-walk in the nation. The Lucky Mutt Strut is a smaller version, but with the same idea and outcome: Raise money for homeless animals.

In this, our 15th year of the Lucky Mutt Strut, we are proud to remember our very first strut which, at that point was Rover’s Romp – not the Lucky Mutt Strut. It was a small gathering of about 50 close friends and supporters of MaxFund, Racine’s provided some wonderful brownies and we went for coffee and bagels to warm-up afterward, compliments of King Soopers. The Romp took place in Wash Park, just like today’s Lucky Mutt Strut, but we’ve grown quite a bit from our humble beginnings!

What happened on the day of Rover’s Romp was a great beginning to what happens this June 26th, 2011 when we celebrate our 15th year of strutting: we get out there and make Trax for Max!
· 2 mile walk for animal owners and lovers alike
· Celebrates MaxFund – Denver’s No-Kill Shelter
· Raises money for the kids of MaxFund
· A fun afternoon of picnicking and meeting friends, old and new
· Meeting local vendors who provide samples and information of their products and services

Why MaxFund?

In 1988 our namesake, Max, was hit by a car and suffered two broken legs. He was left by the side of the road to fend for himself. A young woman found him and brought him to the local vet where Max stayed for 10 days…no one claimed him as their own. Dr. Bill Suro, who owned a vet hospital at the time where he & his wife Nanci both worked, decided to take in Max, injured and suffering.

Max required five surgeries, and eight weeks of hospitalization. There was a lot of pain as well as weeks of physical therapy and rehab. Through all of it thought, Max never lost his amazing attitude.
A fishbowl was placed on the counter of the vet hospital with “The Max Fund” taped to it and a yard sale was held to raise money for his treatment as well. Max was a favorite of the staff and clients alike. After two months, Max was able to be discharged and was adopted by Dr. John Joseph, one of the vets who had taken great care of him during his hospitalization.
The happy ending to Max’s story was the happy beginning of the MaxFund. The money that was left over from the fish bowl and yard sale was used as the initial start-up money for the MaxFund – an organization dedicated to injured animals with no known owners (like Max).
Thanks to MaxFund, over 25,000 animals have been helped and given a true “second leash on life”!