Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Morris Animal Foundation Annual K9 Cancer Walk!

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400 people and almost half as many dogs gathered on August 21st at in Estes Park to participate in the 2nd Annual K9 Cancer Walk. Over $42,000 was raised to further cancer research for our four-legged friends. What sets Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign apart from many charities is that 100% of the money goes towards the cause. Morris Animal Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign is committed to:

• Provide new treatments for dogs currently suffering from cancer
• Establish a tumor sample bank to be used by cancer researchers
• Develop prevention strategies to eliminated or drastically reduced in incidence and severity
• Train new researchers to find preventions, treatments, and cures

Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog
Exceptional Entertainment

Talented musicians serenaded the crowds and an endearing dog act, Eric and Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog, demonstrated how deaf dogs can make exceptional pets if given the chance. Information about exciting new canine cancer research was shared at the gathering: Starting in the spring, new research will begin to look at specific breeds over their lifetime to identify genetic, nutritional, and environmental risk factors.

Living Memorial
Missy proudly wears a yellow bandana
An aspect of the walk that is extremely touching are the large number of dogs with yellow bandanas. (A yellow bandana signifies a dog that is a cancer survivor or currently going through treatment.) Also poignant are the numerous pictures of beloved pets that have lost their fight with cancer. It makes the K9 Cancer Walk a living memorial – with purpose