Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Annual Maxfund Pet Drive!

Thanks to all that helped make this year another exciting time to help those less fortunate Pet's in shelters during the Holidays. We donated close to $300 worth of items to the shelter and we can't wait to hear back about how much they are enjoying these gifts. Thanks again to everyone that participated!

History of Maxfund
At this time another hospital that took emergencies had taken in a dog that was hit by car, this dog had multiple injuries. One of Dr. Suro’s clients heard of this dog and asked if he would take it. The Good Samaritan had paid for the immediate medical care. But no owner could be found, and after 10 days the dog faced euthanasia. He was now stable medically, but needed expensive orthopedic surgery for his fractures, and no one was willing to pay for it. The Suro’s agreed to see what they could do for him.

Why the name MaxFund?
When we brought the dog into the hospital they found a good-natured, headstrong big male dog, probably a cross between a German Shepherd and a German Shorthair. Pointer. The staff named him Max. He was facing several surgeries and a long rehabilitation. The Suro’s decided to get the hospital cliental and other pet lovers involved with helping with some of Max’s expenses. From donated services from outside doctors, a fishbowl on the counter with the name “Max”, and a yard sale they actually ended up with more money than the Suro’s had expected. Dr. Suro said,” There are a lot of nice animals that don’t have a job.” They decided to apply it to the next case and the next—

Maxfund Information