Thursday, April 2, 2009

Never Give Pets People Food!

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Myth 1: Never give pets 'people food'
When it comes to pizza, Kung Pao chicken and onion rings, it’s true; you shouldn’t be sharing high-fat, spicy or potentially toxic foods with your pet. But cantaloupe, crunchy raw or lightly steamed vegetables, and meat with fat and gristle trimmed off are favorites of many animals and shouldn’t be off limits. For instance, baby carrots, apples and popcorn are excellent low-calorie treats for dogs. And as long as you’re using high-quality ingredients and a good recipe that meets a pet’s nutritional needs, “people food” is perfectly healthy as a regular meal for your dog or cat.
“The biggest concern with feeding (pets) ‘people food’ is that most people feed too much and create an unbalanced or incomplete diet,” says veterinary nutritionist Sally Perea, who is a co-owner of Davis Veterinary Medical Consulting in Davis, Calif., and senior nutritionist for Natura Pet Products. “As a rule, treats or human foods fed to a pet on a commercial diet should be limited to no more than 10 percent of their daily calories.”
Of course, there are some foods you should never feed your pets. Find a list here.
But feeding a dog or cat from the table? That's definitely a no-no, experts agree. It takes only one time to create an obnoxious beggar.

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